4 years ago


Sorry for posting so late I just had nothing to talk about

Anyway I just started 2 new shows That is so cool I will post a show or 2 when I'm ready


4 years ago


I was thinking to make a new movie but I can't yhink of something to make, so plase if you can think a good idea for a movie, please let me know.


4 years ago


I just discovered smosh on youtube and it is so funny that I won't stop watching it!

I will give you a link to one of theire videos on youtube.



You must search on youtube for

MAGI

4 years ago


Sorry I didn't blog but I had a party.

Today I must practice to dance because tomorrow I am going to my dance classes. I do HIP HOP!

And my dad is looking for a new computer so that means I will get his computer that he has read more...

4 years ago

How to create a good movie

I was just busy finding out how to make a PRO movie without using any more than a samsung video camera.

Well thats not gonna be easy, I never saw such amazing videos using just a video camera, luckily I have a white sheet for backround b read more...

4 years ago

My first song

My mom and sisters are off to the market, and I have some time to create a new song. I am already done writing it but I must still practice more than ever! The song's name is "Rhythm of the Rock." I'm still a little rusty but I h read more...